Saying the Kaddish

is a Mitzvah, a true act of kindness, and one of the basic cornerstones of traditional Jewish life.

Although many of us wish to say Kaddish for our loved ones, we may find it too difficult or not possible to say it. Because the Jewish people are one people with one soul, the Torah teaches us that, when needed, one Jew may say Kaddish on behalf of another.

Chabad of Georgia will help you to fulfill this great mitzvah by arranging for Kaddish to be said on behalf of whomever you choose. We make arrangements for Kaddish to be said at our daily minyans.

One-Year Option: Kaddish is said daily for 11 months after a parent's passing,  and on the Yahrtzeit.
It is recited on these days as part of the morning, afternoon and evening congregational prayers.
*suggested donation $360
Yahrtzeit Option: Kaddish is recited on day of yahrtzeit annually.
*suggested donation $54


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