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1984 - Chabad of Georgia is founded by Rabbi Yossi and Dassie New.  They set out to establish a Chabad presence in Atlanta. Chabad's Congregation Beth Tefillah holds services in a store on Roswell Road.

1988 -  Chabad of Georgia  and Congregation Beth Tefillah move to the current location on Highpoint Road. Davening is held in the basement, and Shabbat morning Kiddush take place upstairs in the News' living room.

1989 - Chabad of Georgia and Congregation Beth Tefillah  expand to a new building. Growth issteady, and the shul continues to attract a diverse group of people representing various backgrounds and degrees of religious observance from across Atlanta.

1989 - The Chaya Mushka Children's House
 (CMCH) opens with a staff of 2 teachers and 9 students. 

1991 - CMCH moved to its permanent location in a renovated house.

cbt_bimah_post_1.jpg1996 - The facilities were expanded again, adding a larger sanctuary, bride's room, coat room and second kitchen. The ballroom was completed in 1998, and in 1999 the old sanctuary/social hall was remodeled to create administrative offices, library and small chapel. 

2001 - CMCH becomes a Jewish Montessori school, the only one in atlanta.

2012 -
Today there are 19 teachers and 119 students attending CMCH.



Fortunately we have grown substantially since that time and we have simply run out of room in our current facilities. We are bursting out of the seams and so we must provide more space to continue to blossom and grow and serve the Jewish Community of Sandy Springs.

We will build the Jeff & Carrla Youth & Education Center which will be the home of our growing school, our youth and teen programs, as well as many other activities. We will also make space for a new women's Mikveh to serve the entire Atlanta community.

"With the success of our programs over the years we have simply run out of space
and it's time we join together to secure our future."

     -- Rabbi Yossi New

This project is an extraordinary, community-changing opportunity. The new construction will include a 12,000 square foot youth and education center which will provide space for expanded youth and adult education programming, services, community events and the Chaya Mushka Preschool.  In addition to the spacious building, plans include a new 2,000 square foot women's mikveh and beautiful green space.


  • Youth Services and Programming
  • Expanded Adult Education
  • Atlanta Rabbinical College
  • Chaya Mushka Children's Preschool
  • Children & Adults with Special Needs Activities
  • Summer and Winter Camps

 We will build all of this with your help.


In the Fall of 2011 we began fundraising efforts for the new building, which will be built
on the Chabad of Georgia / Congregtation Beth Tefillah campus. 


Our capital campaign goal is $3.5 million. We will also require an additional funds  to increase our existing endowment for long-term operational sustainability.


donate_poster_Therm_sm.jpgAs of Spring 2012, our Vision campaign has secured two-thirds of our goal in million in pledges and gifts, and we look forward to a groundbreaking over the summer.   Through your generosity, we will raise the final funds for our new congregational home. Make your gift today or contact our office to arrange your pledge!

Photo Gallery of Events and Progress


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