Congregation Beth Tefillah is a house of prayer, a house of learning, and outreach center and much more.

We are the central address for the Sandy Springs Jewish community and a valuable resource for Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations.

Congregation Beth Tefillah has a single mission: to engender a feeling of comfort and belonging in Jewish men and women of all backgrounds.  While we conduct our religious services in accordance with traditional Halachic requirements, the diversity of our congregation defies categorization.  All who attend Beth Tefillah receive the same respect and consideration, regardless of level of observance, knowledge or background. Beth Tefillah exists as a source of encouragement for the congregants to grow spiritually and to find a level of commitment with which they feel comfortable.

Congregation Beth Tefillah dates back to 1984 when Rabbi Yossi New first arrived in Atlanta and set about the task of attracting families interested in davening in an Orthodox setting. Our early days were somewhat inauspicious - membership consisted of a handful of committed stalwarts, and services were held in a store on Roswell Road above a local sports bar. A minyan was often accomplished by prevailing upon passers-by and clientele of the neighboring hairdressing shop and grocery store!
In 1988, the shul moved to its current location on Highpoint Road. With Rabbi New and his family living in the house at the time, davening was held in the basement, and Shabbat morning Kiddush took place upstairs in the News' living room. Early members recall the warmth of those gatherings.
Gradually, expansion became a necessity. The Rabbi had by now relocated to another residence and plans were set in motion to build a sanctuary/social hall, kitchen and mikveh. In 1989 the first Rosh Hashanah services were held in the new sanctuary. Since then, growth has been steady, and the shul continues to attract a diverse group of people representing various backgrounds and degrees of religious observance. Even as we have grown, we have managed to retain the same welcome atmosphere of our early years.

As the congregation continued to grow, the need for expanded facilities also became evident. In 1996, the facility was expanded again, this time adding a large main sanctuary, brides room, separate meat and dairy kitchens and social hall. In 1999 the old sanctuary/social hall was remodeled to create administrative offices, library and small chapel.  





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