The synagogue started out occupying a store front on Roswell Road! In 1988, the community moved to a house in the present High Point Road location. Since acquiring the property, the congregation has continually improved the facilities through expansion, new construction and remodeling. In addition to our main synagogue building, our campus includes a preschool, children’s play area and mikvah. 



In 1996, the facility was re-designed to include a new sanctuary,
social hall, administrative wing and other amenities.  
The designers used liturgical and halachic precepts to create a
synagogue that is majestic and functional,
yet intimate and spiritual.  The building is an expression of the relationships between form and function, space and light.
The specific ways that light is allowed to enter and
illuminate the physical structure is a reminder of the
way in which we allow the Divine Presence to enter
our lives, illuminating the darkness within.


The Sanctuarycbt_bimah_post_1.jpg
The main sanctuary, which seats 500 people
for services, lectures, concerts and weddings,
is the focal point of the synagogue building.
Designed with an egalitarian approach,
the relationship of the Aron Kodesh (ark),
reader's table, and the Bimah is equal for both men and women.
The great semicircular windows recall the form of the menorah,
and allow us to look "towards the heavens" as we pray.


Noam_Technologys_011.jpgThe Chapel
The daily chapel is a multifunction room which,
in addition to its primary use for the daily minyanim,
can be used for luncheons, dinners, meetings, and
social gatherings of up to 100 people.


Noam_Technologys_032.jpgThe Social Hall
The Social Hall provides the
congregation with a hall
capable of accommodating
large groups for any event or
simcha and a large room for
additional services on the High Holidays.
The capacity is approximately 300
for a seated affair with room for dancing.


The Administrative Offices
The administrative offices provide the
professional and administrative staff with an
efficient and pleasant work area from
which to run our synagogue and
to oversee the outreach efforts of
Congregation Beth Tefillah.

The Librarycbt_library.jpg
The Solomon Library is another multifunction area
that provides a quiet meeting and study area
for small groups and can also be opened up
to expand the capacity of the Daily Chapel.
This library houses an extensive collection of
classical and contemporary texts.


The Kitchen
The synagogue is equipped with two complete state-of-the-art
kosher kitchens, one for Meat or pareve and one for Dairy.
Licensed caterers, with proper supervision, are permitted to
use these kitchens when catering affairs in our building.


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