Many of the homes surrounding Congregation Beth Tefillah are within the Sandy Springs Eruv. According to Jewish Law one is permitted to carry on Shabbos only within the confines of the eruv. The boundaries of the eruv are as follows:



Beginning on W. Powderhorn Rd at the fence on the west side of GA 400, the Eruv proceeds west on W. Powderhorn Rd towards High Point Rd. It then proceeds north on High Point Rd and crosses over Windsor Pkwy, at which point it turns west and runs along the northern side of Windsor Pkwy until Jolyn Place. The Eruv then turns south on Jolyn Place and crosses over Meadowbrook Dr., where it turns west until Roswell Rd. and then runs south on the eastern side of Roswell Rd. and crosses over W. Wieuca Rd. The Eruv then turns east and runs along the southern side of W. Wieuca Rd until Lake Forest Dr.



The border continues north on Lake Forest Dr. and runs along the western side of Lake Forest Dr. until just before the i-285 overpass.  



The border turns east and runs along i-285 chain-link fence, where it crosses over Roswell Rd. and continues east along i-285 chain-link fence until it meets a private black fence which runs along the Glenridge Heights townhomes.  



The border crosser over Glenridge Dr. and briefly continues westward until High Point Rd, at which point it turns south and runs briefly along the western side of High Point Rd. It then crosses over High Point Rd and relies on a private wooden fence just north of Rivoli Circle, which continues without interruption until the GA 400 sound barrier wall. This wall which is interchanged with a chain-link fence for much of the way runs until W. Powderhorn Rd where the eastern and southern borders intersect completing the Eruv.


IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS (see attached map)

1. The utility poles along the northern side of Windsor Pkwy form much of the southern border (between High Point Rd And Jolyn Place.). Being that the poles are situated north of the sidewalks, thus all those sidewalks are outside of the Eruv, however the homes (only on the northern side) are actually in the Eruv.  


2. The poles on the eastern side of High Point Dr. from W. Powderhorn Rd to Windsor Pkwy form part of the Eruv border (see above southern border). Hence walking while carrying to and from Shul from W. Powderhorn Rd is not possible (unless one cuts through a private property to Windsor Pkwy.) Additionally, being that the pole on the NE corner of High Point Rd and Windsor Pkwy is the border, when walking to and from Windsor Pkwy east of High Point Rd one must walk around that pole on the grass.

3. The poles on the west side of High Point Rd, south of Glenridge Dr., form the Eruv border until it crosses over to the eastern side of High Point, just north of Rivoli Circle (see above eastern border). Therefore, walking while carrying to Shul from Glenridge Dr. via High Point Rd (and vis-versa) is practically impossible. If one wishes to walk from Glenridge Dr. to Shul, they are to only walk via Northland Dr.

Click here for a map of the new eruv.



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