Mondays @ 7:30pm - Tanach Class for men and women with Rabbi Avremi Slavaticki:  The Book of Nachum

* Tuesdays@ 7:30pm - Tanya Class for men and women with Rabbi Avremi Slavaticki - The Chassidic Approach to Joy

* Tuesdays@ 7:30pm - Men’s Beit Midrash Night: a night of open community  learning. Join the Tanya group, or pair up with a partner (a chavruta) to learn about a topic of your choice.See Rabbi Slavaticki

* Wednesdays @ 7:30pm: JLI Journey of the Soul with Rabbi Yossi New - registration required for this class.  Go to to register.

All classes are at Congregation Beth Tefillah

5065 High Point Rd

Atlanta GA 30342



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