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Study groups are weekly, in a round-table format, and welcome debate and discussion.
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Morning Mysticism
Studying Chassidic discourses in their original texts, and discussing G-d, soul, and the paradox of creation.
Instructor: Tzali Levin


Sundays at 8:00am

Mon-Fri at 5:45am

No registration required

Tanya for Women
This class studies the book considered the Bible of Chassidism and contains Kabbalah for daily living.
Instructor: Rabbi Yossi New

10:30 am

no registration required

Tanach -  Book  of Jeremiah
Travel through the books of the Prophets. Gain historical insight into their lives and times, while decoding the timeless depth and wisdom of their words. Now is a great time to join, as we begin the book of Jeremiah.
Instructor: Rabbi Avi Shlomo


No registration required

Lunch & Learn and Parsha Class
Nurture your body and soul. A tasty lunch accompanied by a talk about the weekly Torah portion.
Instructor: Rabbi Yossi New

12:00 Noon

Please Register
call (404)843.2464 x102

“Beit Midrash Night” is a night of open community learning. Join one of the study groups taking place, or
pair up with a partner (a chavruta) to learn about a topic of your choice.
The spiritual anatomy of our G-dly sould and what makes  your soul tick.
Instructor: Rabbi Avi Shlomo

Talmudic Thinking at Beith Midrash Night
Appreciate the depth of Torah Logic.
Instructor: Rabbi Sender Lustig

We can set you up with another member of the community to study a topic of your choice and build
valuable friendships. For more information, and to find a chavruta, please speak to Rabbi Avi Shlomo or Rabbi Sender Lustig.
Shmooze and Learn 
Torah thoughts of the Lubavitcher Rebbe o.b.m., followed by a meaningful roundtable 
discussion, and singing Chassidic melodies.
Time: Thursdays at 9:00pm
Location: Class takes place in private community homes.
Call Rabbi Sender Lustig at 718-749-3795 for
more information.
Please Register
by calling Rabbi Lustig

Davening 101
An educational, thought provoking Shabbat morning discussion group.

Instructor: Rabbi Isser New

Every Shabbat

no registration required

Mishna Yomi
Daily 10-minute Mishna class following Shacharit studying Mishna at a brisk and steady pace.
Instructor:  Rabbi Avi Shlomo

Sunday 9:40am
Mon-Fri 7:25am

no registration required

Daf Yomi
Traverse the entire Talmud, page by page, joining the global seven-year cycle.
Instructor: Rabbi Yossi New
Sunday 8:15am
Mon - Fri 7:30am
Shabbat - 8:30am

no registration required





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