Rabbi Norman Schloss
Secrets of a Kosher Supervisor

At Chabad of Georgia


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Rabbi Norman Schloss shares his experiences as a traveling kosher supervisor and answers many questions regarding his work.

Secrets revealed, or are they? How does Coke keep its secret and still have supervision? Chocolate chips and turkey oil, eggs and water, what are the kosher concerns?

Rabbi Norman Schloss averages 500-700 miles a week traveling the southern states and spends 15 weeks in Ireland as a kosher supervisor for the OU. His personable and humorous manner endears him to the wide variety of people he deals with.

Rabbi Schloss shares his experiences supervising plants and some of the concerns that the kosher consumer should be aware of.



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Video of Mrs. Miriam Lipskier, the Benefits of Kosher

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Video of the Lecture by Author Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger
Jan. 13, 2013
At Congregation Beth Tefillah / Chabad of Georgia
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